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Thank you for visiting Aplanet Movers of Colorado where you are sure to get a great quote and expert moving help!

Our Moving Team

Aplanet Movers is comprised of professional movers who are expertly trained using a variety of efficiency techniques to make your move fast, safe, cost-effective and a pleasant experience.

Currently, Eric Grant, the Founder and Owner of Aplanet Movers LLCEric Grant - Aplanet Movers Colorado has well over 10 years extensive background experience in the Moving & Relocation industry. He has helped 3 start-up moving companies (including his own) in establishing a successful business by contributing his expertise in logistics, technique & training, accounting, and client services. With Eric managing your move, your sure to get the job done right!

Eric is a Certified Moving Partner from the U-Haul University and makes sure his moving labor help team is correctly trained and educated. All labor staff is background screened and driving safety checked to ensure top-notch professional moving help is provided to customers. Aplanet is an insured certified business and proudly serves Northern Colorado communities and as dedicated Colorado Local Relocation Specialists, the team provides a realm of moving services to cover complete moves from start to finish.

Since inception of Aplanet's new found business in June 2015, the team has been welcomed into the Moving Industry of Colorado! Aplanet started out servicing the Southern & Central communities of Pueblo and Colorado Springs and has recently transitioned into serving Northern Colorado. As of June 2019, Aplanet Movers of Colorado has serviced over 500 mover bookings from public and private sectors.

Aplanet has earned status as a top leading service provider in the Colorado moving market! Customers are very happy with various moving services offered and kindly share their moving experiences and recommendations. Visit Reviews to read about our satisfied customers who have helped make Aplanet Movers services exceptional.

Aplanet Movers Aurora Colorado

Professional Moving Services

Aplanet provides moving service assistance for Self-Movers who rent their own moving trucks for local relocation. Residential and Commercial moves are available for service request within an 50 mile radius of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metro areas. Of course, service areas can kindly be extended for nearby communities and accessible mountain areas. View the Service Area Location Map to see locations Aplanet serves in Colorado.

Please contact Eric to discuss your distance needs to be serviced. We welcome all size moving jobs!. Our moving service offers next day and advanced calendar bookings to accommodate your schedule. Request a free no obligation quote and Book your moving appointment today!

Aplanet Moving Services include:

  • Loading & Unloading - Trucks, U-Boxes, Pods, Storage
  • Pickup & Delivery - Trucks, U-Boxes, Pods
  • Driving Relocation Help
  • Trailer Vehicle Hookup
  • Item Packing & Unpacking
  • Item Disassemble & Reassemble
  • Unique Items Moving & Stairways

You will find our moving service prices to be reasonable and competitive with extra fee charges fair in pricing and justification. We kindly provide discounts for verified Military Moves of Active Duty Personnel with featured bonuses and always welcome unique out-of-the-ordinary moves! Please inquire about discounts and visit the Service Page to learn more about our moving services and pricing. Aplanet specializes in Local Relocations, "Book Us Today for Your Move Tomorrow!"

Aplanet Movers is a professional moving team who has a variety of experiences in dealing with different moves making them a dependable go-to moving service in providing you a successful and pleasing transitional move. Aplanet looks forward to helping you with your relocation move and making it an enjoyable, stress-free experience, "Correct Moves Save You!"

Aplanet Movers Colorado, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro

Moving & Relocation Services Offered

Our professional Residential & Commercial moving services offer a variety of lucrative options to help Self-Movers who rent their own trucks to get an efficient and fast move executed. We can provide up to 4 team members at one appointment time to help get your same-day move on the road and settled into your relocation destination in a timely manner.

Aplanet Moving Services include:
(note: services including truck or supplies pickups incur travel fees)

Loading & Unloading - Trucks, U-Boxes, Pods, Storage - A moving service speciality of ours is securely packing … -

your Truck, U-Box or Pod for your short or long distance on-the-road relocation. We also load/unload your rental storage units for relocation.

We analyze your items to be loaded and strategically plan your items for truck load. Technique is especially important in loading for safe road transporting and for ease of unloading.

Please be aware it is the nature of truck loads to incur some transport shifting due to load weight. Aplanet will secure loads as best as possible to prevent over-shifting by utilizing our safe and secure packing restraint techniques.

Pickup & Delivery - Trucks, U-Boxes, Pods - Authorizing us to pick up your moving Truck or U-Box can save … -

you time with your busy moving schedule.

Your reserved Truck or U-Box can be picked up by us and delivered the same day as loading or we can accommodate your schedule for advanced delivery prior to loading. Depending on your schedule, budget, unit size, or delivery area, U-Boxes and Pods may or may not qualify for delivery by rental company. Pods are delivered by rental company and U-Boxes can be delivered by rental company or by us depending on the size needed. Currently, U-Boxes are Not Available for pickup/delivery.

Logistics will be analyzed for best pickup/delivery method for recommendation. Arrangements by us will be made to transport Pickup Driver back from delivery point.

Driving Relocation Help - Providing skilled drivers who can safely transport your packed items along with … -

vehicle towing through the high elevations and weather inclement Colorado roads.

This service also assists the customer with map driving directions for the best path course in transporting to arrive in a safe timely manner to your relocation destination. We discuss path choices available and decide together on a course of driving direction.

Customer will be required to name our designated driver as relocation driver with chosen rental truck company.

Trailer Vehicle Hookup - Skilled in trailer hookups for moving Trucks or U-Boxes, we can assist you … -

at a local truck/u-box rental site or your site location.

This practiced skill requires knowledge and technique to get your vehicles/u-boxes secured correctly. You can rely on our service to help you re-connect your trailer after truck loading to ready your load before departure time.

Item Packing & Unpacking - Our service will help you pack your items for truck, u-box, pod or storage loading … -

and help you unpack at your relocation destination.

We will analyze your items prior to packing and suggest ideas for easy packs while employing packing techniques to get you boxed up fast.

We can also help assist you with a walk-through prior to purchasing supplies to recommend certain supplies to help make your make your packing go smooth.

Customer equips all moving supplies and packing materials. We can bring extras on-hand for smooth end-packing of timely schedule.

Item Disassemble & Reassemble - Our service will supply the tools needed to help disassemble and disconnect … -

appliances, beds, tables, etc. Likewise, we can help assemble and reconnect your items at your relocation destination.

We can assess items and assist you in which items can benefit from dismantling. Disassembling items can help for snugger truck loading and prevent safety mishaps.

Unique Items Moving & Stairways - We can help move odd shaped and oversized items that require … -

extra man power such as playscapes, upright pianos, tool chests, etc. Our techniques applying different strap types and muscle power will ensure your items will be moved safely and correctly.

Whether items move from basements upward or upstairs downward, we are experienced and prepared to deal with the landscape. We analyze the best path of navigation to deliver your items to the moving truck efficiently. Some certain unique items may incur an extra fee based on difficulty.

Depending on Stairway flights or Stairwells involved, their access and moving difficulty, an added stair fee may apply. We do not charge for a few steps in to or out of units as they do not qualify as a full stairway set.

Supplies Provided

Aplanet gladly supplies tools needed for the job! We understand that your move items need extra care for truck packing so we supply toolbox hardware and moving hardware to assist your move. We provide furniture and utility dollies, moving harness straps, rope, tape, boxes, furniture pads, tools, etc.

Generally moving supplies kept on hand such as tape and boxes, may incur additional expense for item cost. Please let us know if you run low on moving supplies prior to our meet time, we will be glad to pick up your needed items for a small fee to keep your move on track!

Service Area Location Map

Our moving services cover a 50 mile radius service area within the Northern Colorado Metro Communities of Denver, Aurora, and Lakewood. Aplanet understands that outlying remote mountain area locations may need this radius extended. Extensive mountain drive in and out areas will require Additional Mountain Access Fees for Extended Drive time and difficulty. Rest assured, Aplanet is here to serve you! View Service Area Location Map.

Aplanet Movers Colorado, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro

Operating Moving Hours

Monday-Sunday 10am-8pm
Aplanet Movers has very flexible operating hours to move your residential or commercial move to fit Your Schedule! We will gladly accommodate weekend moves on Saturdays and Sundays excluding major Holidays. Aplanet does not charge time and a half rates on Saturdays but does apply extended rates for Sundays.

In the event whereby extenuating circumstances arise, we can extend our service hours if needed. Please note, depending on distance and move time needed, an extra weekend fee may apply to compensate our efforts. We are here to help make your move a smooth transition!

Free Quotes & Estimate Consultations

We offer free no obligation quotes and estimates. We can help guide your free quote/estimate with a phone consultation walk-through that you describe to us. For a small travel fee, we can perform on-site visitation estimates.

Please call 1-844-MOV-TEAM or email Eric for quote or estimate guidance to discuss your service needs prior to booking any moving help. Eric will make sure you are assigned the best rates and services needed while offering suggestions to make your move easy and stress-free!

Service Prices & Moving Schedule

Our service prices generally run as a straight hourly service fee for all services offered. However, we are willing to extend service breaks for case needed basis or give breaks for easier services not overly demanding. Please inquire about these offerings and tell us about your special needs.

View the Service Prices Chart to get a Quick View No Obligation Quote to help plan your needed labor help. Please keep in mind that Eric can help guide you to discuss your service request needs prior to booking.

View the Moving Schedule to see availability of moving services for your planned relocation time. Please allow 30 minute leeway of booked appointment times for expected scheduled arrivals due to traffic, weather conditions, or location finding difficulty. Aplanet looks forward to helping you plan your next move!

Your Satisfaction!

Aplanet Movers is dedicated to making sure your move is handled right. We assess and plan each move carefully and make sure we tool-up before executing any moving labor for relocation. We do walk-throughs at the beginning and end of each job to perform item assessments and to make sure your expectations are met.

We understand the importance of being equipped, experienced, and committed. We offer our expert knowledge and expertise to give you a secure and easy-going move. With Aplanet, you get big moving company experience at small moving company prices!

Aplanet Movers Colorado, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro

Book Us Today for Your Move Tomorrow!

We accept residential or commercial move bookings 24/7. All bookings are given priority on a first come, first serve basis and requires an Online Booking Reservation using our Booking System below. Aplanet welcomes Next Day and Advanced calendar bookings as available.

Aplanet Movers Colorado, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro

Professional Moving Service Fees

Our bookings are based on flat rate hourly time slots with additional fees added as necessary according to your requested needs. Please refer to the Price Chart below to aid in your booking selection. Discounts are available for verified Military Moves of Active Duty Personnel with featured bonuses!

Use our Booking System to Book Your Move Today!
Book Us from 10am-8pm Monday thru Sunday!
Servicing communities within an 50 mile radius service area of the Denver, Colorado.
Includes Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro and surrounding communities / counties.
Be sure to check our Service Area Location Map for areas serviced.
Book Us Today!
You provide the truck, we provide the services!
Refer to the Estimate Chart to Determine Helpers & Time Needed »»

Aplanet Movers Colorado, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro

Seasonal Special
  - offer valid year round! -

- No Travel Fees for Residential & Commercial Moves -

Offering Residential & Commercial Moves
All sized moving jobs are welcomed!
Refer to Quick View Chart below for Introductory Pricing and Associated Fees

Some dependable Truck Rental Companies that can
accommodate your move for local and long distance use are:

Be sure to check with your chosen truck rental company for allowable truck weight load to avoid risk of item(s) overload for safety compliance.

Inclement weather may affect our 50 mile service area offering in accessing certain Vicinities or Mountain areas. Please inform us of
weather conditions affecting your area. We will assess your area for access availability and help you plan the best moving schedule possible.

During excessive weather conditions you will need to provide ample shield weather condition floor coverings in all unit areas requiring outdoor traffic to avoid
excess water absorption or dirt soiling. Our limited protective floor covering will not be sufficient for excessive square foot coverage needed in all traffic areas.

Basic Flat Rates Applied - Hourly Time Slots - refer to Booking System for detailed rates
2 HR minimum for Load/Unloads, Packing/Unpacking, & Pickup/Delivery Services
Offering 1 unique item move for $200 (over 1 item requires our 2hr minimum truck load/unload move time)
Offering In-House item moves & Set-Up for $200 (receives 2 movers for 2 hours at your unit dwelling)

2 Movers, 1 Hour - $140
3 Movers, 1 Hour - $185
4 Movers, 1 Hour - $230

- apply the same rate for each extra hour needed -
- apply the same rate for Storage Unit load/unload -
- apply time and a half rates for Sundays -

Driving Relocation Help - $1.50 - $2.00 per travel mile
U-Box Pickup/Delivery - currently Not Available
(Travel Miles: no hour rate assigns, dependent on locality)
U-Box Load OR Unload - $285 per box
Pod Load OR Unload - $360 first pod, $350 additional pod

Pickup & Delivery
Driving Relocation Help
Trailer Vehicle Hookup
Item Packing & Unpacking

The above includes as necessary:
Item Disassemble/Reassemble
Unique Items Moving

Please let us know of any special needs
or requests for job assign completions.

Additional Fees
$15-50 Travel Fee for each travel Go-To service
$20 Stairway/Elevator Fee may apply for difficulty
$20 Stairs Excess 3 Flights Fee may apply per flight
$50 Mountain Access Fee may apply for difficulty

Offer Discounts to Verified Active Military Personnel

Please allow 30 minute leeway of booked
appointment times for expected scheduled arrivals.

Contact Eric today to discuss your moving needs
or any questions about moving services offered.

Book Us Today!
You provide the truck, we provide the services!

Aplanet Movers Colorado, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro

FAQs for Moving Services

Often, people have many questions about using a Moving Service prior to Booking. We have provided some Service Faqs to help inform you better about our professional moving services offered.

Can you help me figure out how much help I need?
Yes, refer to our Estimate Chart to help guide you …

in selecting the number of workers and hours needed. View Estimate Chart. Of course you can always call Eric directly to do a phone consultation walk-through for extra guidance or request an on-site visitation for the most accurate estimate. We do our best to work within your budget and also give you breaks where possible.

Do you offer any discounted rates?
Yes, we offer Military and Seasonal or Special rates …

along with bonus features and breaks that can apply toward your final bill. Military discounts for Active Duty Personnel always apply no matter the season and can apply discounts as much as 10% along with bonus features such as no travel or stairway fees assigned. Advertised seasonal or special rates are always stated on the Booking Page prior to booking.

Will you move me even if I'm not located in the city?
Yes, we service 50 mile radius service area extending …

to communities of Northern Colorado extending from the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro areas including nearby or outlying remote communities. Please refer to our Service Area Location Map to help determine if you are in the realm of our service areas. We kindly extend the radius to bring service to remote areas including mountain access areas as we understand that moving services may be limited in some areas. If you are unsure about your area, please call Eric directly to discuss your service area.

Can I change my Booking Date?
Yes, all booking dates can be changed as needed …

up to 24-48 hours of previous date booked. However, this change will need to be done online using our Booking System to be able to see and reserve available times. Please note, bookings are on a first come, first serve basis, we recommend making any date changes at your earliest convenience to help ensure a new booking time slot. If your time slot needed is booked, you may call Eric directly to shuffle a suitable alternate time for accommodation.

Do you issue refunds for cancelled bookings?
Of course we do! All refunds can be credited back …

to you within 3-5 business days less a $50 inconvenience fee required in the event of a booking cancellation whereby our schedule loses a booking appointment slot. We do not charge a cancellation inconvenience fee for booking changes requiring a new booking date or additional bookings of the same date/time.

Do you charge extra rates for weekend bookings?
Only for Sundays and never for Saturdays as we …

understand how important it is to accommodate the working folks schedule who may only be able to move on the weekends. That's why we are always open 7 days a week!

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept debit & credit cards by major companies …

such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover through PayPal Here along with PayPal App payments. Accepting these types of payments allows us to give you immediate booking time slots and issue any refunds in a timely manner. This protects both parties with a paper trail proving payments/refunds.

Please note, if Prepaid Cards/Gift Cards are used for payment, these type of cards must be registered for Card Ownership information so payment gateway processing can be completed along with any refunds to be issued.

How are any damaged items handled?
Items are covered by your insurance and ours …

depending on the services provided. Currently, we only provide moving labor help to Self-Movers. It is the responsibility of the customer booking moving jobs to maintain home/renters or office/business insurance during all processes of moving services provided by us. We do our best to move your items safely and secure loaded items. We assess and maintain a item checklist to help you report any damages for claim. However, once we provide full service moving with our own truck for future services, you will be reimbursed by our insurance for your valued items in transport.

Can you reserve my rental truck for me?
No, only the persons booking the moving job can …

reserve moving trucks with the truck rental company. This ensures protection for both parties and allows you to acquire Rental Truck coverage for any driving damages that may be incurred. It also allows you to name any designated drivers to be covered who may be offering Driving Help services, such as Aplanet.

What if someone gets injured while moving my items?
Aplanet Movers provides insurance for all labor staff…

and does not require liability injury insurance by customer. However, any customer moving items are responsible for any self-induced injuries and will not be included in any claim on Aplanet Movers' behalf.

Aplanet Movers Colorado, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro

Tips for Your Move

Aplanet understands the importance of your relocation, so we have provided some helpful moving tips that may be useful in planning and executing your move whether it is across town or long distance.

Plan your destination route as best as possible.
Know what driving route paths are available …

so you can plan the best driving route possible. A great tool for this is They provide 2-3 different driving routes at one lookup time to analyze for selecting the safest, most convenient, and best mileage for your desired needs. This tool is highly recommended. If you are driving, don't forget to print out your route map!

Know the weather & driving conditions before your departure.
Make sure you look up conditions and delays …

for your planned dates before you start driving or while your planning the destination route. You can look up this information for anywhere in the country by visiting National Traffic and Road Closure Information provided by The U.S. Department of Transportation. This national lookup tool is invaluable for all seasons and destinations. Highly recommended.

Make sure you reserve your truck and movers asap.
Once you know your move-out and move-in dates …

be sure to schedule your selected mover service as soon as possible to ensure you get the scheduled dates you need. Busy seasons, weather, or economic situations can inhibit getting the dates you need to book services. Once you have done your homework and find the right moving service, do not hesitate to call your selected service directly for any questions, concerns, or advice. In the event you can not get your selected service for booked dates, they may have a referral service for you.

Some dependable Truck Rental Companies that can accommodate your move for local and long distance use are:
- Budget Truck »»
- Enterprise Truck »»
- Penske Truck »»
- U-Haul Truck »»

Your truck size matters, be sure to get this right.
Self-Movers need to asses their household size so …

they can properly reserve the right size truck to transport their items. This is very important because the truck needs to packed snug and complete with good secure restraint to prevent items over-shifting resulting in damages. Consult with the truck rental company or a Professional Mover such as Aplanet who can help you asses the size you need. These services can do phone call walk-throughs or on-site visitation estimates.

Be prepared to have the moving supplies you need.
Having the supplies you need on hand is important …

to the logistics of timely execution for the planned truck loading time slot. As moving is a planned event, you need to make sure you have enough supplies on hand to prevent interruption of your planned schedule with no down time. You can get supplies at some moving company retail outlets or from online supply stores. Companies such as U-Haul will buy back unused boxes. If you do need extra supplies on the day of the move, a service like Aplanet is glad to pick some up for you prior to arrival!

Box sizes and types are important for handling and packing.
Be sure to buy the right boxes to pack your items in …

to prevent damaging items. Many different box types exist to pack certain items for the best transport as well as having certain thicknesses or design to help safeguard your items. Be sure to use plenty of foam padding and packing paper to snug fit your items in boxes while using extra packing paper to fill in empty spaces to prevent box stack crushing. Keep in mind, packing smaller boxes with heavier items is not only easier to handle but smaller boxes stack and load easier on dollies.

Clearly label packed boxes and organize according to rooms.
Self-Movers on stricter time schedules with reserved …

moving help can benefit from organizing and stacking their packed boxes within their rooms areas for faster loading. Clearly labeling boxes on several sides for their designated rooms will also help unloading go faster. Keep in mind, most boxes have labeling on top side which is fine to list contents, but labels on box sides can get the boxes distributed to their room destination by the movers without you having to lift and move boxes to the rooms afterwards.

Plan. Prepare. Organize. Execute.
These 4 factors will help your move go smooth with little down time. Coordinating and planning all aspects of your move will help you stay stress-free and keep you on track. A Professional Moving Service such as Aplanet Movers, will help guide you in all aspects of your move along with being a dependable go-to moving service in getting the job done right.
"Correct Moves Save You!"

Aplanet Movers Colorado, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro

Customer Reviews (see below)

Aplanet Movers is proud to share our sincere reviews from customers who have booked moving jobs with us. Customers are invited to share their opinion of our services and have the option of posting a live review to appear on our website after moving services are completed. Click on the more link to read complete reviews and the black arrow to see more reviews.

Aplanet Movers Colorado, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro

Thank You Customers!

We are very appreciative of our on-going 5 star reviews and for all the great customers who have helped make Aplanet a better company. We do our best to provide a reliable professional moving service that customers can depend upon. Thank You for choosing Aplanet and for making us your premier Professional Go-To Moving Source for Colorado!

Aplanet Movers Colorado, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro

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