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Aplanet Movers - Estimate Chart

Use the below Estimate Chart as a guideline to help you determine the Number of Movers and Amount of Hours you will need based on assessing the size of your household or business. We have also included Carry/Dolly Distances and Drive Time.

Aplanet requires a 2 hour moving minimum and recommends at least 2-3 Movers for 3-4 hours depending on your square feet of filled rooms. More movers used at one time will help ensure a more faster and efficient move while being able to delegate more duties to complete your move in a timely manner.

If you are unsure of the amount of time and/or movers needed for your relocation, please Contact Eric to request a free phone consultation walk-through or an on-site visitation estimate. Please note that over-booked hours are not eligible for refund due to time slot booking availability that can be used for other customer bookings. Consulting with Eric for estimating expertise will help ensure accuracy for the time and movers needed for your booking request.

Recommended Truck Rental Companies that can accommodate and assist your move for local and long distance moving use within the USA:
- Budget Truck Rental »»
- Enterprise Truck Rental »»
- Penske Truck Rental »»
- U-Haul Truck Rental »»

We look forward to helping you plan your next move!

Movers & Hours - estimates based on normal size filled rooms
Square Feet 2 Movers 3 Movers 4 Movers
under 800 3 hours 3 hours n/a
800-1,000 3 hours 3 hours n/a
1,000-1,500 3 hours 3 hours 3 hours
1,500-2,000 4 hours 3-4 hours 3 hours
2,000-3,000 6 hours 4-5 hours 3-4 hours
3,000-4,000 6-8 hours 5-6 hours 4-5 hours
4,000+ 10+ hours 8-10 hours 6-8 hours
Carry & Dolly Distances - estimates based on carry or dolly to truck
Distance Feet Carry Dolly
under 20 1/2 hour 0 hours
20-50 1/2-1 hour 1/2 hour
50+ 1-2 hours 1 hour
Stairways 1-2 hours 1 hour
Drive Time Distance - estimates based on location round trip excluding any assigned travel fee
Distance Miles Round Trip
10-40 1 hour
40-75 1-2 hours
75-100 2-3 hours

Aplanet Movers

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